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She was a sex kitten, without a doubt. "Well, the school thing was just a misunderstanding. You can probably fix that - Billy had just brought me some lunch to eat since he had the day off and one things led to another," Angelina replied. "You on the other hand," she said, taking my tie in her hand "are a different issue. I know we don't get along real well and in fact hardly see eye to eye on anything. But I think that for both of our sakes and our working relationship," she said, leaning so close I could feel her warm breath on my upper lip "you should fuck the living shit out of me," With a sudden movement, Angelina shot her hand down to my crotch, that had become incredibly hard in the past few minutes. Still, I was trying to come to grips with this relative insanity - I knew first hand that mixing sex with a working relationship (my psycho ex-assistant Julie) was NOT a good idea. "So how about it Dean? I'll let you do whatever you want," she purred, her tongue dragging on the word "whatever". "So if we fuck, that will make things better between us and we will get along. That's your brilliant idea?" I asked. I was incredibly turned on by this whole thing and getting more so by the minute as Angelina's hand began moving slowly up and down my shaft as she squeezed and fondled my balls through my pants. The idea had a very kinky allure to it, being able to compete (so to speak) for dominance by the sheer power of fucking.
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