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But I was in the neighbourhood and thought, I ain't seen Kash in a while I should drop by and say hi." "Come around when you have some free time. I'll get the crew over, we'll play cards, smoke some joints and have a couple of beers." "Sure! You still have the same number right?" I nodded "I'll give you a call man. "Hey Marlon." The other cop from the car got out. "Check that out." He pointed into the distance on the road. Me and Marlon both looked in the direction he was pointing. There was a flashy looking car speeding down the road. "Shit how fast is that going?" I asked. His partner had already moved the cop car onto the road, blocking off both lanes and had the lights flashing. The car approaching was a convertible, white a BMW I think, the car was a distance away but I'm pretty sure it's a beemer. "90 maybe 100." Marlon answered my question as we walked to the cop car. We were on the opposite side of the car, the car was approaching the other side of the cop car. This was for safety reasons. "Hey, should I use the mega phone?" The guy asked Marlon. For being on the force five years, he looked younger than me and Marlon. And was he really asking a rookie like Marlon for permission to use the mega phone? "Dude." I whispered to Marlon. "It's kinda late.
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