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" "MMMMMM now that sounds like a plan for a great season finale" Summer commented from beside me. "Soooo" Jamie Lynn said as she walked off and had the camera follow her (what a great view). Checking several rooms for Alexa and not finding her before she finally turned back to the camera and grinned nervously. "UMMMMMMMMM I have no idea where Alexa is, you guys seen her?" "JAMIE!" Came the voice as Jamie Lynn's face lit up and she went bouncing out of the room, with the camera in pursuit. Finding Alexa on the porch outside, apparently just having gotten back from a meeting by the looks of her very proper looking attire. She seemed nervous Summer noted as Jamie kissed her on the lips. "Hey." "Hey what's up?" Jamie Lynn asked. "Something's wrong?" "I got a new job, my dream job" "You got a new job?" Jamie Lynn asked excitedly as she hugged her and noticed that Alexa did not hug her back with the same passion. "UMMMMM yeh" Alexa said. "What's wrong?" Jamie Lynn asked. "It's in Houston, Texas" Alexa said. "So? I'll come with..." "Nooo" Alexa said firmly. "I have to concentrate on this role and with you there it's just impossible, this is gonna be an intense psychological thriller which is gonna take everything in me to pull off." "So because you're taking a job you don't think you can do I can't come and keep you company?" "I didn't say I didn't think I could do it" Alexa fired back. "I said I can't afford the distraction.
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