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Anne tied Gillian's arms over her head, suspended from the ceiling to her toes could just touch the floor if she stretched her short legs. Annabeth strutted over, ripped off the redhead's shirt and stood with her hands on her hips studying Gillian's form. "That's the black bra she wore for the FHM spread, eh?" said Anne, excited by the sight of Gillian's modest bosom. Anne circled the bound TV queen, her mind racing with lewd sexually perverse thoughts. As Anne fantasized about how she'd use Gillian's body, Annabeth was bent on beating it to a pulp. Annabeth stepped up to Gillian and slammed a punch to her hard abs. The sound of Annabeth's fist making contact at high velocity with Gillian's tight belly was stunning. "Uggggggggh..," was all the redhead could utter as she was briefly jolted back to the world of the conscious by the pain in her belly. "It's going to get a lot worse, you washed up TV queen," laughed Annabeth as she snapped a punch to Gillian's jaw. Gillian's head rolled back on her shoulders as if it were going to break off her spine, then rocked back forward just as violently in the opposite direction. Gillian swung from the ceiling ropes like a slab of meat waiting to be punched as her head lolled forward with her chin on her chest. Poor Gillian couldn't even get the air in her lungs to beg for mercy though it would have been futile anyway. Annabeth was getting turned on by the domination and she had to fight against a sudden homosexual urge, so she stepped away and searched for her jacket.
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