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------------------------------------------------------ The Bod Squad Episode XVI – The Love Shack by the Squad Leader Starring – Jennifer Love Hewitt, Britney Spears, Kirsten Dunst and Rachel Stevens Special Guest Stars – Salma Hayek and Jennifer Connelly The Bod Squad is a top secret team of four highly trained, sexy young women, who in the tradition of Charlie's Angels are led by their oft heard, but never seen director Jimmy. The members of the Bod Squad are Love: the oldest member of the group and their unofficial leader, Britney: the party animal with a killer body and a mean streak to match, Rachel: the British bombshell and Kirsten: the baby of the group who uses her sweetness and innocent looks to accomplish things the others can't. Their purpose is to go undercover and use any means necessary to solve crimes and protect humanity. Episode XVI – The Love Shack: Kirsten looked up helplessly at Love as the buxom brunette continued to straddle her, pinning her down on the bed. “I’m serious” she giggled, unwillingly revealing her joy. “Let me up!” “Come on” Love pleaded. “We’ve got time for a quickie.” “No we don’t” Kirsten insisted. “And besides, Britney and Rachel are in the next room. Do you want them to find out about us?” “You know, I’m starting to think it might be best if they did find out” Love pouted as she rolled over and let Kirsten up. It had been a week since their initial hook up, and both Love and Kirsten had decided that it would be best to keep their relationship a secret for now.
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