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It was a miracle that no one had drank any yet, and that the punch was grape, because the 9-X turns any liquid substance darker, if it comes into contact with it. Since it was grape, no one would notice. I looked around, and noticed that everyone was too busy dancing. I poured three vials into the punch bowl and poured about five drops into each of the wine glasses. I looked at the celebs dancing. I recognized two out of the four. One was Torrie Wilson, and one was Amy Lee. As time went on, more people came, and after half an hour, everyone came who was invited. Juliya, who set the orgy up, got on a microphone. "Welcome everyone! Get some refreshments at the table, dance, and when the clock strikes 10:00, start fucking!" Everyone laughed. Hilary and I stood in a dark corner, watching, as everyone, and thankfully everyone went to the refreshments table. "This is gonna work!" I said. I saw Lindsay walk towards the table. "There's Lindsay. Did she see you?" "No. I think I know who she is, and her..." Hilary and I said, pointing people out, and guessing who was who under the masks. Juliya, Marianella and Christina didn't have any masks on, so we ruled them out. So far, we identified Lindsay, Amy Lee, Torrie Wilson, Shakira and Stacy Furgusen, from Black Eyed Peas. It was too good to be true. I was worried that if some people drank before others, then the others wouldn't drink when they saw the others get stomach aches, but a miracle was happening.
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