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Inside, the music was loud enough that I could hardly hear her introduce her boyfriend, Jim or Jay or something along those lines. All the same, I shook his hand and smirked to myself as I noted that he did not have a very firm grip, and I could see the look of disapproval in his eyes as he surveyed the scene.There a few people were passing a large bong as a thick blue haze hung over the entire room. Others were chugging down beers and spirits, and taking hits off a bottle of tequila that someone had brought to the party.I asked Emma if she wanted anything to drink, before I headed off to hunt down a couple of beers.When I returned, Emma pouted and whispered thanks in my ear but explained that she had to leave (her boyfriend's decision) because they were apparently flying off to Mexico in the morning; a romantic getaway entirely paid for by her, mind you.The look of disappointment on my face must have been evident because she immediately sulked."Aw, I promise to invite you and the guys along next year?" she joked."Yeah right," I replied, and we both laughed again.As Emma started to leave, I walked them out to the yard and without thinking my eyes happened to fall to the back of her butt and legs. There I checked out her panty line which immediately informed me that as per usual she was clad in a sexy little thong number.
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