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"Excuse me?" I said nearly choking on my the mouthful of drink that I had. "You and Ali don't seem to be hanging out that much anymore. Actually. You guys don't seem to be hanging out at all. Did you guys break up?" "No!" I said. "So you guys are still together?" Hayden asked. "No!" I said again. "We were never together in the first place. Not that I wouldn't mind. She is good looking with a smoking hot body." "I wish I had her body." Hayden said. "You got a great body too!" I complimented her. She started to blush a little. Guess she wasn't use to being complimented. "So you guys were never together?" Hayden asked. "Nope!" I replied. There was some truth to it. Although we had sex quite a lot last season, we were never 'together.' "You know the first day of shooting last season?" Hayden started. "Yeah." I said not really knowing where she was going with this. "You know Ali had that closed set, shoot? The one where she was doing the web cam thing?" Hayden asked. "Yeah." I said, remembering what happened when the cameras stopped rolling and the crew left the set. "Ali was the first person I made friends with and I decided to see how the shoot went and when I came in.
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