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Resting my small bags against the stone of the fireplace, I walked over to the couch and sat down, Michelle leaping into the small armchair beside me. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Michelle blurted out. "Now Michelle..." Alyson said, entering the room. "What have I told you? You make smalltalk with boys, then ask if they have a girlfriend. That is, if there's no alcohol around" Alyson said, trailing off. "Oh that's alright. No Michelle, I do not have a girlfriend." I responded. Alyson had now taken a spot beside me on the couch. "There's always something I've wondered about you types" Michelle said. "My type?" "Yeah, pitchers. How do you throw so hard?" Michelle asked. "Oh. Well it's in the wind up. My pitching coach once told me that ninety percent of the force you get is from your lower body. He told me to always make sure I'm thrusting everything from the waist down to the plate.... my god that sounds so wrong. Let's just say we get good and mad." I said, feeling the heat of blushing wash over my face. "What exactly goes on in that locker room Mr. Benson?" Alyson laughed. "Sure, make fun of the athlete. All you do for a paycheck is kiss women and pretend." I trailed off. Seeing Alyson glance over at Michelle once more, panic in here eyes, made me wonder again.
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