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Flinging hair out of her face, she beamed up at Kellie while she lay naked on the bed, as the blonde singer captured one image after another on her digital phone - Katharine holding up the blanket to her chest, Katharine dropping the blanket and holding up her generous rack, Katharine standing with her bare ass jutting towards the camera... "If these turn up on the 'net I'll never speak to you again!" she laughed. "You think I'd do a thing like that, honey?" Kellie drawled as she got the money shot of Katharine's quim and chute. "Give me SOME credit. Plus you didn't put out mine after I got kicked out of the competition." It was true - Kellie Pickler's nude shower pictures remained unhacked on Katharine's digital phone. Kellie had known she could trust her on that, just as Katharine had known the first time they had met on the "American Idol" trail that her stupidity wasn't the only thing about her that was an act; Katharine had seen something in her eyes. It was a look that she was used to getting from guys - the "I want you. Now" look. Katharine had paid her a visit on the first night, and found to her delight that her gaydar had once again not let her down; in the ensuing weeks their friendship strengthened and the two had covered their tracks so well that no one had the slightest suspicion that once a week, as soon as possible after the show had ended, Katharine and Kellie were wrapped in each other's arms, giggling over their rival contestants and tasting each other's bodies.
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