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I hope you had fun in Holland, I'm looking to hear all about it." Beep "I know your going to be tired when you get in Brian, Call in tomorrow about noon. I want to get you on your next assignment the day after tomorrow." Not another project so soon. Don't I even get a day to write up the last one. I guess not. Though even for all my complaining I really do love my job. I scribbled down some quick notes to call Mandy and Mom in the morning and work in the afternoon and then hit the hay without even bothering to undress first. I woke up the next morning and after taking a shower and getting some coffee I called Mom and then Mandy. Then I watched a really cheesy monster movie on cable. About two in the afternoon I called into work. They wanted me to run out to Long Island tomorrow and interview Natalie Portman in her house. Well now, I can't pass up meeting my favorite actress. particularly when she's as cute as Natalie Portman. I don't know what it is but I love Jewish girl, perhaps it has something to do that my first was a Jew and they always remind me of Rachel.
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