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So the pleasure is all mine!” I told her….. “Listen Daniel! We need to talk. Can I come over tonight?” Nat asked… “Absolutely Nat! I agree we need to get some things off our chest and clear things up.” I told her… “Great Bud I’ll be there around 7 ish!” She said…. “See ya then sweetie!” I said back…. “Oh and Nat!” I said… “Yeah babe!” she said… “I’m sorry Natalie! I just want you to know that. I’m sorry that’s all!” I admitted to her… Her voice started breaking a bit as I could tell she was tearing up. “I know Daniel! I know Hun.” She assured me…. With that she hung up the phone as did I. I jumped into my car and headed for B.I.A studios to sign some papers with Brian and work on soundtrack details. As I pulled up to the gate I said hello to Sanjie the studio guard. I pulled through the lot and pulled up to the Production department. I parked my car and walked up the steps and opened the heavy door to the inside of the building. On my way in I ran into Jessica Alba. She looked amazing! She had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing a green halter top with a pair of khaki shorts that appeared as if they were crammed up her amazing ass. “Daniel O’Shea you’re an asshole!” she yelled at me…. “Excuse me Jessica!” I retorted… “How come I’m not in your new movie?” she asked….. “Listen Jess I let the production company do the casting on this since I’m still new to making movies.
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