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No insult is in any way intended towards anyone portrayed here so bugger off. codes: FFF, B&D, oral, anal, toys, rom Please send any feedback to Lindsay Lohan entered the apartment she shared with her lover, Raven Symone to be greeted with a call to stay outside. "Why?" "It's a surprise!" came back the answer in a cheery sing-song voice. She waited impatiently until Raven called through the door, "Okay, come in but close your eyes." This she did, all the while muttering under her breath about crazy girlfriends. When she entered she heard the door close behind her and Raven's naked, buxom body pressed against her back. Maybe this would be worth the initial annoyance after all. She felt a mask being put over her face. Okay, you can open your eyes now." When she did, she realized it was pointless because it was her sleep mask so she still couldn't see. But she could definitely feel. She felt her roomate removing her dress and Raven's lips on her neck and back. "We've got company," Raven whispered as her hands reached around to stroke Lindsay's tits. Between the size of lindsay's breasts and her own she barely get her arms around. "Is it Annaliese?" They had talked about bringing someone else into their bed for a bit of variety and Raven's costar was the prime candidate along with Jamie Lee Curtis, with whom Lindsay had a brief fling during the filming of "Freaky Friday".
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