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Now,I hope that you're not getting the wrong idea about me and my cousin,because at first,I've thought of her as a little sister and nothing else,but that was before we had arrived at the Bynes residence. After we had pulled up into the driveway and got ourselves out of the car,Amanda's mom had stepped out of the house with a big smile on her face,ran over to our car and gave each of us a big hug. "Oooohhhh,we're so glad to see you guys!",said my smiling aunt,after she had placed her friendly hand on my shoulder."Speaking of which,I do believe that I know a certain someone who''l be glad to see you,Kenny.Why don't you go say 'hi' to Amanda,while we get her surprise birthday planned?" Now,after I've heard that,I would normally come up with an excuse and go to a nearby mall and do some goofing around,but after I've realized that I would never do that to any member of my family,I've decided to follow my aunt's advice and go inside the house to say 'hi' to Amanda. But suddenly,after I've walked over to Amanda's bedroom door and opened it a tiny bit,my eyes had grown as big as Godzilla's,for I've just spotted my own cousin take off her underwear and look at her reflection in the mirror,causing me to notice what totally fantastic bod she has on her. Then,just as she was about to put on her bathrobe,I've opened the door all the way and stepped into the room,causing her to cover her nude body up with the robe after she had spotted me standing in front of her.
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