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"Do you need help with that?" She asked, swinging her bag from her right hand to her left. "No, I got it... it's me who should be carrying your bag here..." "Come on, stop that. Can we not talk about that here? I want to relax with you for a few weeks." Said Nat, looking at the hotel that was unveiling behind the trees. "Even though I'm the backup plan?" Nat stopped and sighed. She dropped her bag and turned to Kirsten who was looking at her through the sunglasses on her head. Nat walked up against her, lifted Kirsten's sunglasses up to her forehead and kissed her gently on the lips. When the kiss broke she looked deep into Kirsten's eyes. "You're not a backup plan, never think like that." She gave her a long warm hug and picked up their bags. "I'm carrying this, no discussion." Kirsten gave her sweet smile and they continued their walk up to the hotel. But still, Kirsten knew that Natalie would rather be there with someone else. They walked up to the hotel and got their room. The hotel was obviously packed, there were enough rooms in the hotel, but they seemed to be fighting over who gets their keys first. Kirsten and Nat were one of the last ones there, but they were also the first ones who got up to their room. Even though Natalie was pretty sure that there wasn't any reason to have her followed around, she still felt like someone was in the hotel with them. "So, sunbathing or swimming?" Asked Nat, looking at herself from the mirror.
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