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She was five five blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing this almost metallic purple half shirt with a black leather mini. "Hi Lisa." Brenda said wearing her shades. "Hi bree whets this test?" "Oh its simple really only take a minute. Iím Tom Fields." "Lisa post." She smiled at me then sat down where Brenda showed her. "Ok Lisa were going to aim this laser pointer at your eyes and then your eyes information will appear on this screen.í I hoped that she would but my bullshit story. "Wow thatís really neat...Go ahead." She bought it and laughed at the marvel of it. I smiled and aimed the pointer at her eyes and fired. Lisaís face went blank instantly but her eyes stayed. This was calibrated to fifteen k. "Lisa can you hear me?" "Yes" She said monotone like, "Good I am your lord and master now. You exist only to serve me and my will." "Yes master you and your will. I will obey." "Good slave. Now when I count to three you will wake up and remember none of this but when I say Slave you will fall back under my control do you under stand?" "Yes my lord I hear and obey." "One two,,,threee." "So did it come up yet?" "No" Perfect. She was under and now has no memory of what I did to her.. "Have you been working on this long?" She asked "No but thatís thanks to Brenda.
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