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She slide the key in the lock and turned the knob and entered. She threw the key on the table by the doorway and pulled out the bun her blonde hair was in. Leaning forward and tossing all her hair back. She arched her back cracking some bones making her small breast stick out. She sat on her steps untying her shoes kicking them off and rolling off her ankle socks. Rubbing her thighs feeling her muscles ache. She stood up and ran up stairs to her room. Her tight firm butt shaking as she bounced up the hallway. She got inside her large master suite and headed for the bathroom to start her hot bubble bath. As she came back out she whipped off her jogging bra letting it fall on the ground. Kaley was happy with her perky tits and small pink easily excitable nipples. She rarely wore a top at home. She wiggled out of her tight lycra running shorts and kicked them off… That was his cue he jumped on her from the far side of the bed. She never saw it coming she was pinned on the ground helpless with a large man holding her there. She fought some but it was pointless she wasn't strong and was even weaker from the jog. She threw up her wrists to strike him but it was no use he pinned them down she squirmed and struggled.
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