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“God I bet you wish you had a camera,” she purred with a smile, standing up and opening her eyes. She grabbed a towel and wiped her face thoroughly, cleaning off his messy cumshot before flashing him a smile.“Come with me,” she said, grabbing his hand and leading him towards the door. In just her little white thong bikini bottoms and him with his trousers down, near hardon fully exposed, she pulled him out the door and round the front of the house. Looking around and keeping low, she hurried to the garage, pulling him behind her as he tried not to trip over, hoping nobody saw them. The curvy beauty pulled the doors open, flipping the lights as she pulled him inside and slammed the door. He blinked in the dimmer light compared to the bright sunshine outside, looking around the spacious garage. Her SUV was parked over towards one wall, and the other side was space and a weight bench, weights still on and around it. She walked wavily over to it, turning back to him and then sitting down with a sultry smile.”My ex left this here,” she said idly, giving a slight wave to indicate the weight bench she reclined on.”Maybe he thought he was gonna come back or something,” he replied, not really sure what else he could say in this situation.”Right, well you gotta get me going now,” she purred, lying back along the weight bench and spreading her smooth legs slightly. It was obvious to anybody what she was asking of him, and totally fair given what she’d just done for him.
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