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"Okay, I'll be waiting outside..." Vincent was just in time to catch her before she collapsed backwards and almost hitting her head on the couch. He shook her around a bit but she didn't seem to be waking up anytime soon, so he decided to take her down in front of the building. A few irreverent looks and a vomit later a red Porsche pulled in front of the building. Vincent dragged Kirsten to the car and opened the door. "What did she take?" Asked the dark beauty sitting behind the wheel. Vincent collected his thoughts and tried to remember everything. "Let's see, there was the pot, the booze, some coce... she didn't take the heroin so... she'll be alright in a couple of days." He got a look from the woman that said 'I blame you for this', he slammed the door and the car pulled away speeding into the night. Vincent returned to his apartment and collapsed on the couch, his night had been way too rough to wake up the next morning and in the profession of a wealthy author that was totally acceptable. Meanwhile as Kirsten was getting a ride to her friend's place to recover from her condition, Annika was having a fun time of her own. There were three things in life she loved the most: booze, her brother and her camcorder.
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