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“What is it, Stall?” de la Graza asked. The man must have been used to troubled screams, because he already had one of his glocks out, and three of his guards were next to him, weapons drawn. “Someone’s killing my driver,” Stall said angrily. “Right in my own room!” De la Graza looked at Stall for the briefest of moments, then started spouting orders in Spanish. Suddenly, the whole compound was alive. “Let’s go,” de la Graza said, handing a pistol to Stall. * * * Raven had been six inches away from Stall, a small knife in hand, when the damned Englishman had gone screaming for help. That could only mean one thing - Crow had either been caught or seen. The jig was up. Running around a corner, Raven ran head first into two of de la Graza’s guards. Swiftly, she brought the knife up and slashed the throat of the first guard, then jabbed her hand into the throat of the second one. Both dropped dead before they knew what hit them. “Crow?” she muttered into her radio, breaking the precious radio silence they needed up to this point. “Crow, where the hell are you?” * * * The knife cut into Burke’s left hamstring slowly, burning every nerve in his leg as it went. Burke screamed aloud, his throat aching in pain. “Scream all you want,” Crow said, smiling down at the naked man before him. His lust for sex satiated now, his lust for blood had taken over.
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