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Over the next three months we were inseperable and were having sex everytime i looked around. This all came crashing down one night at a party my best friend Seth threw. Seth was a ladies man and could have anyone he wanted but that night he wanted someone famous. That night he wanted my girl and he decided to take her. I was trapped in his closet staring out as Seth took my drunken Lacey and did everything to her from eating her out to doggystyle to finally anal. This almost destroyed me but it took Seth of all people to wake me up and explain to me that it was a mistake and that Lacey was the best thing to happen to me and even got me to quit drinking. Well I forgave Lacey and we made up by once again making sweet passionate love. The next day we agreed to go to Hollywood together but I told Lacey that if she just settled for me than she would never forgive herself and that she needed to move on out of my life and find a life of her own. The plane left my town with a heartbroken Lacey aboard. The good news is that she understood. So she did the movie and it did alright in theatres being an idependent film and all. But one thing happened that I never expected to happen. It became a cult classic and everyone loved it and suddenly something I created was something that everyone loved and wanted. So me and my new agent Seth were on our way to Hollywood! I am Daniel O'Shea! I live in Hollywood and I'm gonna own this town!!!!!!!!!!! Prologue taken from Lacey Chabert's Next Movie Daniel O' Shea's : CONQUEST OF HOLLYWOOD PART 1: A Tale of Two Women starring: Natalie Portman, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Zach Braff and introducing Lindsay Lohan.
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