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“Driving with you in your new Jag is nice and all Tara but you said you had a real special present for my 18th birthday,” said Lindsay Lohan, her red hair whipping in the breeze as she looked at the sights as the sports car drove near the beach. “Oh I do, believe me, a present you’ll never forget,” said Tara Reid with a laugh as she turned off the Malibu exit of the Pacific Coast Highway. “Remember, you can do some things now that your 18 that legally you couldn’t before. And I intend to make sure you, ha, ha, exercise fully your legal rights.” Lindsay flipped up her sunglasses and looked at Tara quizzically. “Legal rights? What are you going to do, make me vote,” she said. At that moment, Tara made a sharp right turn into a small street that said “Private Driveway” and pulled up to a long one-floor very modern looking building. Lindsay’s eyes got wide as she looked up at the sign on the building: Women’s Celebrity Health Spa. “You ditz, you’ve been hanging out with Paris too much,” said Tara as she giggled. “Why do you think I told you to wear a bikini. Now you can legally have sex as a consenting adult. “I can bring you here and the people don’t have to worry about your mother or managers getting mad and throwing statutory rape charges at them for fucking you silly. And you are about to be fucked silly, believe me.” “Wow,” was all Lindsay could say. From many of the girls she partied long into the night with, Lindsay had heard about this incredible fitness club in Malibu where the most beautiful women imaginable spent all day working out and having sex with each other and had all kinds of fun.
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