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I think my favourite moment of the actual match was when I can't remember if it was Goldust or Asshole but one of them hit the ropes and knocked Marlena aka Terri as she's now known into your waiting arms and you bearhugged her like a rag-doll." I said smiling the "asshole" as I called him was Joanie's ex-boyfriend and the WWE's "golden boy" as I liked to think of him now and that was Paul "Triple H" Lavesque. Joanie laughed "I can't remember the name of the event either but I know what match your talking about." Joanie said "Terri screamed so loud I thought I was actually doing her harm." Joanie added. "Yeah, well after that I didn't have Sky for a while but when I did after seeing you for the first time which I think since the Marlena incident was at the first Rebellion PPV I went on the net and found out as much as I could about you." I said. "I also borrowed a few videos of the time I'd missed such as when you where in the Corporate Ministery with Triple H after the Corporate Ministery days etc." I said. "And you've followed my career since 99?" Joanie asked. "Yep." I said. "Ok then mind if I quiz you?" Joanie asked. "Be my guest." I said welcoming my idol's challenge. "10 questions be ok?" Joanie asked. "If you call that a challenge." I said rather argoantly. "1st what PPV did I beat Jeff Jarrett for the IC title and what was the name of the match?" Joanie asked.
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