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There is a little bit more to this than what you just saw," she said, with a dreamy like look on her face.      "Alright. Give directions to my secretary Julie and I will be over there around 8 or so," I said.      Catherine left my office and I spent the rest of the afternoon pondering what she meant by "a little more".      Arriving at the Douglas mansion at 8 sharp, I was led in by a small hispanic woman that I assumed was the maid. Making my way to their study, I walked in and realized that the room I was in was the same as the one on the tape. Catherine was seated on a huge leather sofa, dressed in a burgundy dress with a light white floral print on the side. She was drinking from a glass of scotch and I saw that she had the bottle right next to her on the end table. Whatever it was she wanted to talk about, it must have taken a lot of nerve to discuss.      Finishing off her drink, Catherine motioned for me to sit. I took a seat in a big armchair that was as overstuffed as the couch she was sitting on was. The room was filled with books from the floor to the ceiling, all neatly arranged. The lighting was semi dark, save for a couple of floor lamps off in the corners. A very nice (and expensive) home to be sure. Even my own mansion, inherited from my deceased father, wasn't this nice.
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