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Emma started crying, she saw her plane leave, and then she went back home. Over the next few weeks, both Emma and Alexa corresponded a lot. More than ever before. One day, Emma opened her email and found a first-class plane ticked to L.A. Emma was delighted, she missed Alexa so much. Emma got on the plane and went to see her first true love. Alexa was waiting for Emma, as soon as Emma arrived; Alexa ran towards her and hugged her. "How are you!" "I'm fine that I see you." Alexa was moved by that remark. Both girls went towards Alexa's home. They kissed as they entered it. "I missed you!" Alexa responded "Me too!" Both girls were in bed and were exhausted after a multiple love session. Both girls smiled towards each other, but when they looked away they felt agitated. "Emma, there's something I've got to tell you." "Me too, Alexa." "Let me go first, while we were separated, I slept with someone. Emma it was meaningless, you know I was lonely and I gave into temptation. Please forgive me!" cried Alexa Emma also had a regretful look, she understood Alexa "Alexa, I'm also guilty, I slept with someone also." "What?" Alexa wiped the tears from her eyes. "It meant nothing at all." Alexa laughed, "I think we both learned something here." Emma and Alexa had no hatred; they talked it out like two adults. And after the conversation they were more in love than before. "By the way who was you're partner?" Emma responded "Kate…Beckinsale" Alexa's jaw dropped "Are you sure?" "I'm sure.
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