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Amanda's heart did not stop racing. Her thoughts on the other hand became more and more quiet. -O.k. ... he has kidnapped me. All right. If I am lucky, he will only want to get ransom. God... if only I am lucky- She closed her eyes. "No... He will rape me." She knew it, she knew it and nothing could change this. She knew it... The light blue van drove on for over an hour. The drivers, still quiet, still focused on his goal, was steering the vehicle through the deserted woods of southern Canada. And his passenger was always on the verge of collapsing. Amanda, her short, blonde hair stung to her head, bit her lower lip, holding herself on the stinking, old mattress. Instinctively she pressed her muscular thighs against each other, closing her lap. She could not think of anything but what the black man, the monster would do to her. And the sheer thought of having him... his penis, inside her own body... made her cry. "No, no, no...," she shook her head, "no, no, no...," tears streaming down her cheeks, "no, God, please no.... I don't want to get raped." And then... all of a sudden... the black man stepped onto the breaks and the light blue van came to a halt. The engine was killed, a door opened... a heavy thud, the monster had jumped out of the drivers seat. Amanda sat upright, crawled back, as far as possible, till her back hit the wall. She bit her nails, pulled up her knees.
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