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kind of…I don’t know…maybe you don’t want to answer…” Sandra laughed a very refreshing laugh… “Come on…just ask…I don’t bite” “Over the years there is this constant rumor about your sexuality, Sandra. People say you might be a lesbian. Is that true?” It was quiet for a moment. Sandra did not say anything. She seemed to think about it and Soledad began to wonder if she had overdone it… “I….am….bi-sexual…” -Wow ! She has said it…she admitted it…oh my God…- “Sometimes I just have sex with a female friend. It is the sexual aspect …nothing about love. I just like to sleep with a woman from time to time.” Soledad felt her cheeks blushing. -Like a teenager….- “Do you want me to publish it?” -Stupid…of course you publish it…you are a reporter…- Sandra, who was sitting on the opposite side of a small couch-table, leaned forward and looked into Soledad's dark eyes. “Have you ever slept with a woman, Soledad?” She could not say a word…for a moment. “I…,” -That scene in the bar….lovemaking…two women…., “…not yet…” She should have said: No. I am not a lesbian. But she did not… “Have you ever thought about making it? Have you ever had those thoughts?” “Why are you asking me that?” She had become the interviewed person. Sandra had taken control. And Soledad's cheeks were hot with embarrassment. And…she caught herself imagining Sandra…naked… -How does she look like? She smells good…- And suddenly Soledad became aware that her vagina-lips were swollen… that she was wet to her ass.
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