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It was early thursday morning and i was parked at Gramercy Park talking to the other drivers, (what we usually do on slow nights) when i get a call from dispatch to pick up a fare on E 17th. Its a few block down so I was there in no time.I pull up to the club and this really cute red head standing at the curb wearing tight blue jeans with a white tank top that was just as tight. She got in and tells me where she wants to go. Her voice sounded familier,as i took a closer look in the mirror, it was Alyson Hannigan. As i pulled up to the hotel she got out and came up to the pasenger window, stuck her head in and smiled. She told me she didnt have the money, but if i would wait she would run up to her room and get it. I told her there was other ways of paying her fare.(of course i was just joking). Alyson looked around and to my suprise she got into the front seat of the car and asked to pull up the alley. I had a look of shock on my face as a pulled into dark alley. My dick got hard as she unbottoned her jeans and pulled them off. Then she grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled over her head. I couldnt stop staring at her well rounded tits. She took off her panties, sat on my lap, and undid my pant.
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