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And after they had walked over to the store's beautiful raven-haired owner and Kim has given her a gentle tap on the shoulder,Kim has cleared her throat and said,"I'm sorry to interrupt you like this,but we really need to know something.How much is that mirror?" But then,after she had looked over at the spot that Kim was pointing at and noticed the mirror that she was asking about,the startled owner has looked at the three friends and answered,"I'm sorry,but I'm afraid that it's not for sale.You see,I know that it may sound crazy,but that particular mirror just happens to be possessed." But just as they were about to ask the owner for some more information on the mirror,a ringing phone has caused the owner to leave the room and given Kim,Christina and her WONDERLAND co-star the opportunity to go take a closer look at the mirror. That was before they had loked at the mirror and suddenly discovered that it was actually a doorway into another dimension in which their mirrorworld duplicates were standing in front of them bare-ass naked.
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