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Finally he found a spot on the side of the street. After a sloppy parallel parking job he got out of his car, leaving it unlocked, and quick made his way down the sidewalk. Several minutes later he was out of breath. She was no where in sight. Maybe she had gone into one of the stores he thought. Just then he noticed the man that she had been with inside one of the stores. Duncan went up to the window and took a closer look. Behind the burly man was Cameron. It was apparent that the man was her bodyguard. Duncan realized the risk he was taking by trying to talk to her. Perhaps, he might get a swift kick in the head. Still, he had to try. He had to try to at least get a moment alone with her. He knew he could get her in a trance again. If only he could remember the trigger word. "XYZ92.." what was the last number?..5! This was too great an opportunity to pass up. His logic was telling him no but his hormones were saying yes. Like with every man, his hormones won. Duncan walked into the store. It was a moderate size and he could not see her at the moment. Finally he spotter Cameron and her bodyguard in a far corner. Once again he was entranced by the blonde beauty as she held up clothing to her sexy slim figure. Just then a voice behind him said "May I help you sir?" Startled, Duncan turned around to see a stern face gray haired old women looking suspiciously at him.
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