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I was wondering if it would be all right if Lucinda came with me back to my ranch this weekend since we have the overseas premiere on Tuesday?" "Oh please can I daddy? I will behave." "Oh all right Lucinda, as long as you stay with Ms. Knightley." "Thank you dad." Lucinda kissed her father on the cheek and she also kissed her mom on the cheek and the two of them climbed back into the limo and Keira told the driver to drive them to the airport. LAX was about a 30-minute drive from the Chinese Theater so Keira offered Lucinda a Pepsi. Keira poured herself a glass of wine. On the way to the airport, Keira can not help staring at Lucinda's patent leather Mary Jane shoes. She feels her pussy moisten as she continues to stare. Lucinda looks at Keira. "Keira, are you ok?" Keira shocked that Lucinda caught her answers. "Yeah I'm fine baby." She thinks to herself that once Lucinda has gone to bed she will take her shoes and masturbate with them. "Ms. Knightley, we are at the airport." "Thank you driver, give us a few minutes." The two of them exit the limo and got on their plane for Tempe, Arizona where Keira's ranch is. They arrive at the airport in Tempe at 1am. A limo is waiting to take them to the ranch. When they arrive at the ranch, the driver comes around and opens the door for Keira and Lucinda.
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