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Even though Amy wasn't a lesbian she still had a desire to have sex with Avril. Amy would think about Avril and then masturbate to how their bodies would be against each other. Amy wanted to feel how Avril felt and she wanted to make passionate love to her. Amy decided to give Avril a call, she invited Avril to meet her at her place. Avril was wondering why Amy would be inviting her over but, she gladly accepted. Avril went to meet Amy at her place. Amy wanted everything to be perfect, she was wearing a black dress with black boots and with her black mascara that showed off her sexy goth look. Avril was wearing a casual tank top with baggy pants with all her make up on. Avril approached Amy's place, before she could knock Amy opened the door. Avril was surprised as Amy invited her inside. Amy told Avril to make herself comfortable. Avril took a seat on the couch. She complemented Amy on her place. "Wow this is such a wonderful place you have here Amy." Amy graciously said "Thank you Avril." Avril was still questioning why Amy had invited her there. Amy asked Avril if she would like a drink. "Would you care for a drink?" Avril politely declined as she didn't know what the reason Amy had asked her to come. Amy then took a seat next to Avril on the couch.
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