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As he straddled her, he poured water over her face making it seem as though he was still playing. The more she struggled, the more she pressed his cock into her tight abdomen. Mike finally let her up. This time she got up and took off running along the shore again. Mike took a breath, and starting chasing after her again. Amanda was laughing as she tried to escape, but Mike was just too fast and finally catching her wrapping his arms around her tiny waste again sending them down to the sandy floor. His raging cock now digging into her covered ass. The feeling was unbelievable. Mike pulled her in tighter and his cock sunk deeper into her tiny ass. The more she struggled to free the more his cock rubbed along her ass. He couldn't believe the feeling this was having on him. He finally let her up again not wanting her to catch on to the molestation that he was doing. This time still laughing she ran into a deeper end of the ocean. Mike sunk under the water, and swam towards the unsuspecting Amanda Bynes. He swam up to her legs putting one hand on each leg riding his hands up to her upper thigh. He swam in between the two legs and came up. With his hands holding tightly on her upper thighs, and Amanda's crotch region resting on his back. Mike was having the time of his life. He slowly ran his hands up a bit further reaching just inches from her crotch. Amanda squiggled and finally got free.
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