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So anytime in the show when Superman and any of the stars are seen together, I get to be there in Clark's spot. The only way he can change back to normal is to get a woman that loves him deeply to kiss him. Cool thing is, it doesn't work right the first time, so I get to kiss both ladies. Before the show began I got to meet Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk who I'd get to work with for today. When we met I felt a slight spark with Allison. I love hot blonds and she was just that. She seemed to like me a bit too. Maybe I'd ask her out after the show. Anyway the show got to taping and I seemed to be doing a good job through the beginning. In the show we got to the point where I would kiss Lana, Kristin, and thus Clark discovers she doesn't love him fully. We lean in and shared a soft little kiss which lasted about 10 seconds. That was great. It was so nice I almost didn't stop when the director called cut. She seemed to enjoy it, but rushed off very quickly. But it wasn't until near the end of the show where the fun started. It was during the kiss scene where Chloe, Allison, kisses Clark and he turns back into his old self. This kiss is setup to be very passionate, and was to last a good 30 seconds or so. So in the scene we leaned in and began to French on film. I was definitely into it, but Allison seemed to really be enjoying herself.
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