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See something you like?” Tom Welling, the star of the TV show ‘Smallville’ wheeled around and saw a smirking Allison Mack looking at him. He sheepishly grinned back at her. Kristen Kreuk was bending over the edge of the yacht. She had been jet skiing in the ocean and was getting back on board when she dropped something. As she then leaned over to retrieve it, Tom couldn’t help but check out her perfect tight ass in her thong. Allison had obviously caught him ogling her. As Tom tried to think of something to say, Kristen walked up to the pair. She wrung the water from her hair, “Hey guys. What’s going on?” She looked from Tom to Allison and could tell something funny was going on. Her blonde co-star had a huge smile on her face and was about to burst out laughing. “What’s so funny?” “Uh, nothing. Inside joke,” Tom offered. Allison turned to leave, giving him a wry look, and Tom was relieved that she didn’t say anything more. Even though everyone knew he had a crush on his co-star it would have been embarrassing to have it thrown in his face. Even more so, since Tom was in fact married. Tom, Allison and Kristen, along with Erica Durance, were on a large 100-foot yacht in the Caribbean. They were touring the islands as a present from the studio that made their show, Smallville. Studios were always offering trips and gifts to the stars of their successful shows as enticements They had left South Florida a few days before and had been sailing ever since.
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